Ahead of Punjab assembly polls, PM Narendra Modi meets Sikh delegation

NEW DELHI : Two days before the Punjab assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met a 31-part Sikh appointment at his home in New Delhi on Friday.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pioneer Manjinder Singh Sirsa kept up with the gathering didn’t have anything to do with the surveys. He added they met Modi to express gratitude toward him for the drives he has taken for the local area. “We raised a few issues that the Sikhs are confronting and Modi vowed to determine them.”

Sirsa said they examined amount for Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir and reestablishing benefits for those, who abandoned the military in the result of Operation Blue Star against aggressors stayed in Amritsar’s Golden Temple in 1984. He added they likewise talked with regards to the launch of the hall for Sikh travelers to visit Guru Nanak’s last resting place in Pakistan and backing to the Afghan Sikhs.

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“Beginning around 1947, different gatherings have not had the option to satisfy the guarantees made to us.” He added the gathering was a stage towards settling their concerns… “The Prime Minister likewise recalled the penances Sikh siblings made during the opportunity battle and recognized their commitment.”

Sirsa shared a video of the gathering and tweeted, “Lowered to be a piece of Sikh Delegation of noticeable Sikh establishments and pioneers who met with PM @narendramodi Ji to say thanks to him for his mind blowing Sewa and drives.”

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