Amrullah Saleh lashes out at US, said ‘Super power decided to be mini power’.

Amrullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s self-declared acting VP, has lashed out at United States of America, which reported that last of its warriors have left the conflict torn nation, in this manner finishing the 20-drawn out mission. Saleh said super force US “chose to be small scale power”.

“Afghanistan wasn’t stuffed and placed clinched of the last US solider The nation is here. D streams are streaming and d mountains are great. Talibs R a disliked intermediary power and loathed that is the reason the entire nation needs to escape from them. A super force chose to be smaller than normal force that is OK,” Saleh said on Twitter.

Saleh left capital city Kabul after Afghanistan’s takeover by the Taliban on August 15, and made his base in Panjshir valley – the lone spot which has not been caught by the guerilla bunch. Saleh, alongside Ahmad Massoud, the child of incredible military authority Ahmad Shah Massoud who took on the Taliban in 1990s, has been giving extreme battle to the Sunni Pashtun contenders.

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Saleh thinks about Ahmad Shah Massoud as his tutor and has pledged not to surrender the obstruction against Taliban.

In the mean time, nearby media reports said that the Taliban assaulted a station in the Panjshir territory yet were held off by obstruction powers. Irregular battling is going on in the area, the reports additionally said.

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The Taliban have not yet remarked on the episode.

Neighborhood occupants in Panjsir say that the Taliban has cut telecom networks in the region.

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“They have removed media transmission benefits in Panjshir throughout the previous two days. Panjshir individuals are confronting difficulties in such manner and can’t reach out to their family members living in different pieces of the country,” Tolo News cited Gul Haidar, a Panjshir inhabitant.


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