Attack on police bus was pre-planned : Kashmir IGP

The assault on a police transport here that killed three cops was arranged as the furnished police group was getting back to camp simultaneously it typically carried out subsequent to performing routine responsibilities, a senior police official said on Tuesday.

Monitor General of Police (Kashmir) Vijay Kumar was addressing columnists at the wreath-laying service for one of the killed police officers.

“The transport conveying 25 cops was getting back to the camp, according to schedule, when three psychological militants of Jaish-e-Mohammad started shooting at the vehicle,” he said.

“This was an arranged assault. They more likely than not led recce and seen that the transport is returning each day in daily practice in the wake of getting off obligation,” the official said.

Three cops, ASI Ghulam Hassan and Constables Shafeeq Ali and Rameez Baba, kicked the bucket of wounds supported in the assault, while 11 others are going through treatment.

Kumar said that while one of the aggressors was a nearby, two others were unfamiliar fear based oppressors.

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“We have a great deal of contributions on the gathering. We will kill this gathering very soon,” he said.

The IGP commended the police staff, saying they fought back and guaranteed that the fear based oppressors didn’t prevail with regards to grabbing the weapons.

“One of the fear based oppressors was harmed in the retaliatory fire and blood trail could be seen for very some distance…They got away towards Khrew. We are chipping away at it,” he added.

Kumar said the fear based oppressors exploited murkiness as the street prompting the police camp at Zewan was not sufficiently bright and the street opening party of safety powers had left for the afternoon.

“We are going to all preparatory lengths, remembering establishment of lights for the street,” he added. PTI

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