Congress will form next govt in Gujarat, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday communicated certainty that his party would shape the following government in Gujarat, as he designated the BJP-drove focal government “for making one India for the rich and one for poor people”.

“In the BJP model, which has made two Indias, one for the rich and one for poor people, assets of the nation having a place with poor people are being given to a couple of rich individuals,” he said.

Tending to an ancestral meeting, the Congress chief said the BJP-drove government in the state had denied tribals of their privileges.

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“The BJP government won’t give you anything, however remove everything from you. You (tribals) need to grab your freedoms and afterward just you will get what is yours,” he said.

“Ancestral individuals through their diligent effort assembled streets, scaffolds, structures and foundation in Gujarat. Yet, what did they receive consequently? They didn’t get anything. Neither well-rounded schooling nor wellbeing administration,” he said.

Going after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gandhi said, “PM Modi is doing in India what he did in Gujarat as boss clergyman: making two Indias – one for the rich and one more for the average person.”

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