Congress will get majority in Goa assembly polls : Rahul Gandhi

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi on Friday said the party would get a familiar greater part in the February 14 Goa races and the topic of partnership would not emerge.

“I figure we will get a full greater part, so the subject of coalition doesn’t actually come into place. We won’t miss the mark concerning the greater part. I figure we will be well over the greater part mark easily,” Rahul said while tending to correspondents in survey bound Goa.

He was responding to inquiries on whether the Congress could align with the TMC or AAP on the off chance that it missed the mark regarding the numbers in the 40-part Assembly.

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Rahul said the Congress had a dream for Goa.

“We have proposed a ‘Nyay’ plot involving Rs 6,000 every month to penniless families and 30 percent booking for ladies in government occupations. We have proposed Rs 500 crore for business age, which is vital for individuals of Goa. We additionally propose to scrap the possibility of a coal center point,” he said. He said the focal issue confronting Goa was joblessness.

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