Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal defends arrested minister Satyendar Jain, cites Punjab action

Shielding Delhi wellbeing pastor Satyendar Jain who has been captured in a tax evasion case, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said he is a no-nonsense nationalist and a legitimate individual and the charges against him are “totally misleading”.

During a media preparation, the AAP supremo claimed that Jain’s capture by Enforcement Directorate on Monday was completed because of political reasons and stated he would tell the truth for the situation in the end.

“We are no-nonsense nationalists. We look at debasement as a selling out to the country. We can bite the dust yet can’t deceive our country,” Kejriwal said.

Refering to the new instance of Punjab, he said that state Health Minister Vijay Singla was sacked over join charges. He was captured presently, with Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann stating his administration has zero-capacity to bear defilement.

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“We sent our priest to imprison. Neither the media nor the resistance had some awareness of his defilement and we might have stifled the matter, yet we didn’t.

“Indeed, even in 2015, I had sacked my Food Minister (Asim Ahmed Khan) and gave him over to CBI. No one would have seen this degree of trustworthiness from any ideological group on the planet,” he said.

That’s what kejriwal attested assuming there was even one percent of truth to the claims against Jain, he would have himself sacked him.

“We follow Bhagat Singh’s standards. He gave his life for the country. Each AAP laborer knows that assuming they need to remain in the party, they ought to be prepared to forfeit their lives and go to prison. He (Jain) is daring, an in-your-face loyalist and this experience will just reinforce his determination,” he said.

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