Droupadi Murmu has better chances to win Presidential poll after Maharashtra development, says Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday said resistance groups could have considered support NDA’s official up-and-comer Droupadi Murmu, an ancestral head of the saffron party from Odisha, had the BJP had a conversation with them prior to handling her.

Keeping up with that Murmu would do well to opportunities to win the July 18 official political race, with NDA’s numbers having got helped after the difference in watch in Maharashtra, Banerjee focused on that “an agreement competitor is in every case better for the country”.

“BJP’s official competitor Droupadi Murmu has better opportunities (to win official surveys) due to Maharashtra advancement. In the event that the BJP had requested our idea prior to declaring the name of Murmu, we might have thought about it, as well, remembering more noteworthy interests,” Banerjee told correspondents uninvolved of a Rath Yatra program here.

Non-BJP parties, including the Congress along with the TMC, have named previous Union clergyman Yashwant Sinha as the joint candidate for the official surveys.

The TMC supremo said that she “will go by what the resistance groups choose”.

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“We would have taken a stab at (handling a lady). A few 16-17 ideological groups met up to take a choice, I can not accept a call alone. I maintain that the official decisions should be held calmly. I have equivalent regard for all religions, races and beliefs.

“I feel miserable that there is a challenge. In any case, I think all Dalits, all tribals are with us. We don’t make divisions among individuals,” she added.

Hitting out at Banerjee, in the interim, Congress pioneer Adhir Chowdhury asserted that the TMC boss “offered the expression on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s directions”.

“She made a mysterious settlement with Modi and that got uncovered indeed. She picked the contender (for official surveys) and we upheld that. Our unusual ‘didi’ is currently going about as a BJP specialist. The BJP dove into the races with Droupadi Murmu in the wake of guaranteeing that it has the numbers… It’s anything but a major revelation that Murmu will win,” Chowdhury said, when reached. PTI

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