Lok Sabha passes Electoral reforms bill that links Aadhaar to voter ID

The Lok Sabha on Monday passed a bill to interface discretionary roll information with the Aadhaar environment in the midst of fights by resistance individuals over the issue, who said it would “conceivably give casting a ballot rights to non-residents”.

The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2021, directed by Union law serve Kiren Rijiju, was passed by a voice vote later a concise conversation during which some resistance individuals requested that it be alluded to a parliamentary board.

Notwithstanding, Rijiju said different recommendations which are essential for the bill have effectively been proposed and suggested by the Standing Committee of Law and Personnel. The pastor added the bill will purge the political decision framework.

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The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021 was presented by the public authority as the Lower House of Parliament continued on Monday. Following this, resistance individuals began causing an uproar and the Lok Sabha was suspended till 2pm.

“Aadhaar is simply intended to be evidence of home. It isn’t evidence of citizenship. Assuming you are in a position asking Aadhaar for electors, all you are getting is a report that reflects home, not citizenship. You are possibly giving the vote to non-residents,” Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said in the House.

Lok Sabha was subsequently deferred for the day in the midst of consistent dissent by resistance individuals.

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