Motivated comments on India’s internal issues are not welcome : MEA on hijab row

India on Saturday dismissed analysis by certain nations over the stewing clothing regulation column in specific instructive establishments in Karnataka and said that “roused remarks” on the country’s inside issues are not wanted.

Outside Affairs Ministry representative Arindam Bagchi said that the individuals who realized India well would have an appropriate enthusiasm for the real factors.

“A matter with respect to clothing regulation in a few instructive establishments in Karnataka is under legal assessment by the High Court,” he said.

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“Our established structure and components, as well as our majority rule ethos and country, are the setting wherein issues are thought of and settled. The individuals who realize India well would have an appropriate enthusiasm for these real factors. Roused remarks on our interior issues are not wanted,” he said.

Bagchi’s reaction came when gotten some information about remarks by certain nations on clothing regulation in a few instructive organizations in Karnataka. PTI

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