Pakistan expresses regret at not being invited to UN Security Council Meeting on Afghanistan.

Islamabad: Pakistan on Saturday lamented that it was not welcome to an UN Security Council meeting on the circumstance in Afghanistan, notwithstanding being the conflict torn nation’s nearest neighbor.

In an articulation, the Pakistan Foreign Office (FO) said the UN stage was utilized to proliferate a bogus account against Pakistan, while denying it the chance to introduce its perspective.

The incredible 15-country UNSC, right now under India’s Presidency for the period of August, held a gathering on the circumstance in Afghanistan on Friday. Pakistan was not welcomed to go to the gathering.

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At the conversation, Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ghulam Isaczai dispatched a searing assault on Pakistan, saying it was giving place of refuge and strategic help to the Taliban.

Responding to the charge, the FO said: “Pakistan’s solicitation to the President of the Security Council to address the board’s meeting and present its viewpoint on the Afghan harmony measure and the way forward was not acquiesced to.”

“Then again, the chamber’s foundation was made accessible to empower the hawking of a bogus story against Pakistan,” it said.

The FO affirmed that Afghanistan’s agent, in his assertion at the UNSC, spread disinformation and evened out unjustifiable claims against Pakistan so as to deceive the worldwide local area.

“Pakistan completely dismisses these allegations. Pakistan’s situation on the issue has been imparted to Security Council individuals,” it said.

The FO said Pakistan has over and again shared its viewpoint on harmony and steadiness in Afghanistan by repeating that there is no tactical answer for the contention in Afghanistan and that an arranged political settlement is the lone way forward for tough harmony and security in the country.

It said Pakistan was truly worried at the developing brutality in Afghanistan and absence of meaningful advancement in the Intra-Afghan dealings as the US and NATO powers were approaching fulfillment of the withdrawal of troops from the country.

“Communicating profound worry at the reports of common liberties infringement, we encourage all sides to guarantee full regard for basic freedoms and worldwide compassionate law,” it said.

Pakistan called upon all fighting sides in Afghanistan to shun the tactical methodology, connect productively in dealings, and work together to get a comprehensive, wide based and complete political settlement.

In the mean time, a designation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) visited the Line of Control and was advised about the predominant circumstance in the unstable area.

The designation included individuals from Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of the OIC. They visited the Chirikot area of the Line of Control (LOC), as indicated by an assertion by the Pakistan Army.

“The assignment was given an exhaustive preparation on the pervasive security climate along LOC,” said the military, adding that it was likewise informed on the course of action of local area fortifications.

A 12-part appointment of the IPHRC is visiting Islamabad and Pakistan-involved Kashmir from 4 to 9 August.

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