Pakistan PM Imran Khan to remain in power for next 15 days: Sheikh Rasheed

Imran Khan will stay in power for an additional 15 days, previous inside serve Sheik Rasheed said on Sunday, hours after the previous cricketer-turned-government official, in a dubious move, got the National Assembly broken up.

In an explanation, the previous security despot of the nation said that he met Khan, top of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, after he suggested disintegration of the lower place of Parliament and called for snap races.

Rasheed said that the following general decisions in the nation wouldn’t be held through electronic democratic machines. He said that the Opposition ought to be content that the electronic democratic machines are not being utilized in the following general decisions.

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“I met the Prime Minister and I figure Imran Khan will stay Prime Minister for 15 additional days,” said Rasheed, adding that he was continually saying that decisions were the correct way forward in the midst of the political disturbance.

On Khan’s recommendation, President Arif Alvi endorsed the disintegration of the National Assembly. The Opposition parties, which had postponed a non-trust plan against Khan, have scrutinized the move as “illegal” and have moved toward the Supreme Court.

The following political race in Pakistan was expected distinctly in August 2023.

An authority notice dissolving the National Assembly has been given. As indicated by sources, races will be held in something like 90 days, Geo News announced.

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