President Joe Biden said that US committed to safe passage for last 100-200 Americans left in Afghanistan.

The White House on Tuesday said 98% of Americans who needed to leave Afghanistan had the option to do as such, and President Joe Biden avowed that the United States stayed focused on aiding the leftover 100 to 200 US residents who had some aim to leave.

Talking at the White House, Biden told journalists that the vast majority of those individuals were double residents and long-lasting inhabitants, who had prior chosen to remain in the nation given their family establishes in Afghanistan.

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“For those excess Americans there is no cutoff time. We stay resolved to get them out assuming they need to come out,” Biden said.

In his comments, he noticed that 90% of Americans who were in Afghanistan and needed to leave had the option to leave. The White House later refreshed a record of his comments to show that the right figure was 98%.

He said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was driving proceeded with conciliatory endeavors to guarantee safe entry for any American, Afghan accomplice or outside public who needed to leave Afghanistan after the August 15 takeover by the Islamist Taliban.

Biden said the global local area would consider Taliban pioneers responsible for their guarantee to allow opportunity of movement.

“The Taliban has made public responsibilities, broadcast on TV and radio across Afghanistan, on safe section for anybody needing to leave, including the individuals who worked close by Americans,” he said. “We don’t take them by their promise alone, however by their activities, and we have influence to ensure those responsibilities are met.”

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Biden said the US government had connected multiple times to Americans in Afghanistan since March, presenting to assist them with leaving the country.

After the US military-drove departures started 17 days prior, US authorities connected again and distinguished around 5,000 Americans who had concluded before to remain, yet presently needed to leave, he said.

Eventually, the President said, in excess of 5,500 Americans were cleared, alongside a great many residents and ambassadors from unified nations, just as 2,500 privately utilized staff at the US government office and their families, and a large number of Afghan interpreters and translators and other people who upheld the United States.

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