Rahul Gandhi harming India in his hate against PM Narendra Modi, says BJP

The BJP on Saturday blamed Rahul Gandhi for hurting India in his “disdain” against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and claimed his successive basic comments about the country from unfamiliar soils added up to “selling out” it.

BJP representative Gaurav Bhatia sent off a sharp assault on the Congress chief for his comments at a meeting in London where Gandhi blamed the decision party for spreading “lamp fuel all around the nation”, saying “you want one flash and we will be in some hot water”.

In his furious disdain against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he has been offering remarks against India, the BJP pioneer told a question and answer session where he additionally advised the Congress against talking sick about India in far off nations.

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It is the Congress which has been conveying lamp fuel to induce riots since the 1984 enemy of Sikh uproars, he claimed, naming Gandhi a “parttime, juvenile, fruitless head of an irredeemable Congress” who has frequently spoken adversely about the country in unfamiliar spots like the US, the UK and Singapore.

“He continues to offer such remarks regularly and it won’t be inappropriate to say that this adds up to double-crossing the country,” Bhatia said.

The resistance chief, who is on a visit through the UK, had an association meeting at the ‘Thoughts for India’ gathering coordinated by non-benefit think-tank Bridge India on Friday.

He went after the BJP government and said Indian majority rules system is a “worldwide public great” and a focal anchor for the planet, and assuming that breaks, causing an issue for the planet is going. PTI

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