Taliban asks United States to release Afghan assets

The Taliban called Wednesday on US Congress individuals to deliver Afghan resources frozen after their takeover of the nation, notice financial strife at home could prompt difficulty abroad.

In an open letter, Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said the greatest test confronting Afghanistan was monetary uncertainty, “and the foundations of this worry lead back to the freezing of resources of our kin by the American government”.

Washington has seized almost $9.5 billion in resources having a place with the Afghan national bank, and the guide subordinate economy has successfully fallen – with government employees neglected for a really long time and the depository unfit to pay for imports.

Concerned countries have promised a huge number of dollars in help, yet are hesitant to submit reserves except if the Taliban consent to a more comprehensive government and to ensure the freedoms of ladies and minorities.

“I present to you our commendations and might want to share a couple of considerations on our respective relations,” Muttaqi composed, noticing that 2021 was the century of Washington perceiving Afghanistan’s power.

In estimated misrepresentation of the truth, he added: “Much the same as other world nations, our respective relations have additionally experienced high points and low points.”

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‘Mass movement’ danger

Muttaqi said Afghanistan was getting a charge out of stable government without precedent for more than 40 years – a period that began with an intrusion by the Soviet Union in 1979 and finished with the withdrawal of the keep going US troops on August 31.

From 1996 to 2001, the Taliban governed Afghanistan with an iron clench hand, severely disregarding common freedoms for the sake of Islamic law, starting feelings of dread of an arrival of their maltreatments.

The Taliban have since getting back to control taken extraordinary measures to persuade the worldwide local area that they mean to do things any other way this time – however no female priests have been named, and young ladies are as yet banished from getting back to optional school.

“Commonsense advances have been taken towards acceptable administration, security and straightforwardness,” Muttaqi composed.

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“No danger is presented to the district or world from Afghanistan and a pathway has been cleared for positive collaboration.”

Muttaqi said Afghans “comprehend the worries of the worldwide local area”, however that it was fundamental for all sides to find positive ways to construct trust.

He cautioned, notwithstanding, that the financial circumstance could start a mass departure.

“If the current circumstance wins, the Afghan government and individuals will deal with issues and will turn into a reason for mass movement in the locale and world which will thus make further compassionate and monetary issues,” he said.

Muttaqi said the United States gambled further harming its standing in the nation “and this will fill in as the most exceedingly awful memory imbued in Afghans on account of America”.

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“We trust that the individuals from the American Congress will think completely in such manner,” he added.

“I demand… with the goal that entryways for future relations are opened, resources of Afghanistan’s Central Bank are thawed and authorizes on our banks are lifted.”

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