Ukraine Crisis : Don’t move to border posts without coordination with us, says Indian embassy in Ukraine

India on Saturday encouraged its abandoned nationals in Ukraine to practice alert consistently and not move to any line presents on leave the country without earlier coordination with its authorities.

The Indian government office in Ukraine gave a new warning taking into account expanding Russian assaults on a few Ukrainian urban areas and reports of weighty battling around the capital Kyiv.

The international safe haven especially prompted those remaining in the eastern piece of Ukraine to keep on excess in their present spots of home and remain inside or in covers however much as could be expected.

“All Indian Citizens in Ukraine are instructed to not move to any regarding the line posts without earlier coordination with the public authority of India authorities at the line posts (helpline numbers laid out) and the crisis quantities of the government office of India in Kyiv,” the consulate said.

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It said the circumstance at different boundary designated spots is delicate and the government office is working ceaselessly with the Indian missions in the adjoining nations for composed departure of the residents.

“International safe haven is finding it progressively hard to assist the intersection of those Indian nationals who with arriving at line designated spot without earlier implication,” it said in the warning.

Despite the troublesome ground circumstance, India on Friday figured out how to camp out workplaces in Lviv and Chernivtsi towns in western Ukraine to work with the travel of Indians to Hungary, Romania and Poland.

India likewise situated groups of authorities at Zahony line post in Hungary, Krakowiec as well as Shehyni-Medyka land line focuses in Poland, Vysne Nemecke in the Slovak Republic and Suceava travel point in Romania to arrange the exit of Indian nationals from Ukraine. PTI

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