Union Cabinet Approves Setting Up of Central University In Ladakh in meeting Chaired by PM Modi.

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet on Thursday gave its signal to the setting up of a central school in the Union Territory of Ladakh.

The decision was taken at the get-together drove by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a state of watching out for neighborhood lopsided characters in high level training level and animating the insightful current inside the more broad society of Ladakh.

“Agency underwrites establishment of a Central University in the Union Territory of #Ladakh,” Principal Director General of the Press Information Bureau (PIB), Jaideep Bhatnagar, tweeted.

According to sources, a bill will be introduced for adjusting the Central Universities Act, 2009.

“The Cabinet moreover supported the introduction of a bill, explicitly, ”The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2021” in Parliament.

This would assemble access and nature of high level training and moreover go about as speed setter for other enlightening foundations in the area by propelling the streets of high level training and assessment workplaces for people of the Union Territory.

“The school will address the commonplace off-kilter nature at the high level training even out and energize the insightful current inside the more broad society of Ladakh. This will in like manner be instrumental in strengthening vote based characteristics and progressing by and large turn of events and headway of Ladakh,” a source said.

Head director Narendra Modi in his area to the country on last Independence Day had proclaimed that another school would be set up in Ladakh.

The Union cash Minister had moreover detailed about it in the Budget Speech 2021-22.

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