Mamata Banerjee slams BJP on Eid, says ‘policy of divide and rule not good’

As India observes Eid, Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday designated the focal government and said that Bengal sets a model for the nation with regards to shared fraternity. “The solidarity being exhibited in Bengal… no other spot in the nation is setting such a model. That is the reason they are desirous. Furthermore, that is the reason they misuse us,” the Bengal boss clergyman said in an evident correspond at the BJP, administering at the middle.

Her nephew Abhishek Banerjee imparted the stage to her as she tended to the enthusiasts offering petitions at Kolkata’s Red Road.

“Environment of the nation isn’t great. The arrangement of separation and rule isn’t great.. the confinement strategy isn’t good…we need unity.Do not be terrified and continue to battle,” the 67-year-old pioneer said, citing a line from a request in Hindi: “Ishwar allah tero naam sabko sanmati de bhagwan”: (May god help in l,etting better sense win).”

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The Bengal boss priest’s comments come as the nation marks Muslim celebration of Eid and Hindu celebration of Akshaya Tritya around the same time.

Last month, Bengal was among the states that saw viciousness when Ram Navami Jayanti parades were completed.

On Monday, in front of Eid, Rajasthan’s Jodhpur saw conflicts, inciting allures of harmony from boss priest Ashok Gehot.

Four police are supposed to be among the people who were harmed. Web has been suspended to guarantee peace and lawfulness.

Banerjee, a BJP pundit, has been attempting to unite the resistance in front of the 2024 decisions.

(With inputs from PTI, ANI)

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